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Dent Suction Puller Cup Glass Remover Lifter Heavy Rubber Repair Handle


Dent Suction Puller Cup Glass Remover Lifter Heavy Rubber Repair Handle

  • Mighty Puller Suction Cup Handle by Autotech

    Our New Hercules Mighty Puller Suction Cup now has more power to grip those unwanted dents from your vehicle. 
    Its packed Heavy-duty  thick rubber and individual vacuum lever for sure grip when it matters. 
    Convenient quick release handle for easy re-positioning. High performance that reduces strain on your back and shoulders. 
    Rugged impact-resistant ABS construction. For best results, use on smooth non-porous surface; both surface and rubber cup should be clean and free from dirt. 
    Apply pressure to handle against surface while lifting levers; lubricating cup rim with small amount of rubber preservative or other liquid typically enhances rubber-to-surface seal and helps improve vacuum strength.



    NEW Double PVC Construction
    High Performance
    Quick Release Handle for Easy Re-Positioning
    Reduces Strain on your back
    Heavy duty suction cup
    Made with durable, odorless, extra strength rubber
    Holds glass, removes dents and much more
    Lifts multiple materials, including marble, metal, glass, and tile



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