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Electro Massager Digital LCD Handheld Pain Relief Massager w/pads Damaged Box !


Electro Massager Digital LCD Handheld Pain Relief Massager

Please be noted that item absolutly new but original box damaged. You might be receive item without original box or in damaged box. Please be ready for that !

After attaching the electrode pads to a particularly achy part of your body, this handheld device will send bio-electric pulses through your muscles to emulate the tapping, kneading, and grabbing techniques of a massage applied by hand.

Electric massager with electrode pads
Performs hot or cold therapy
Designed to fit the contours of the neck, shoulders, and back
Helps relieve the pains of arthritis, bursitis, and everyday stress
Sends bio-electric pulses to sore areas
Stimulates muscles with tapping, kneading, and grabbing sensations
Handheld remote with digital display
One size fits all
Lightweight and portable
Dimensions: 4"x3"x2"

Comes with portable therapy lcd massager handheld, 2 eletrode pads, and manual
Different automatic massage programs for you shoulder, waist, back, and arms
Helps to improve blood circulation and decrease fatigue. LCD screen shows function, time, indicating systems
Help reduce pain for back, waist, leg, arm, arthrosis, and foot
Liquid crystal display. Three selectable massages



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