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New Epilator Finally Hair Removal System Factory Box Device Painless


New Epilator Finally Hair Removal System Factory Box Device Painless

No Hair Anymore !

The Finally Gone Hair Removal System is the most advanced technology for removal of unwanted facial or body hair. Clinical studies show Finally Gone technology is able to remove multiple hairs from large areas one time using reusable patented silicone patches with a conductive gel to transmit galvanic currents to the hair follicle. The convenience and solution of hair removal at home, with the Beautyko Finally Gone Hair Removalelectrolysis system. Battery operated rechargeable and enclosed in an attractive traveling vanity case. 

Overall dimensions: 10" H x 4" W x 9" D, 2 lbs
Hair removal
Control unit
Electronic 18K Gold tweezers - favorite of electrologists
Retractable connector wand
Storage compartment, mirrors and detailed manual
Needle free technology
Painless and non-irritating
Treatment pads for large areas, small areas and upper lip
Automatic time display
Hygienic and safe
Destroys hair follicles



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